The Burundian legal system is the Civil Law System or the Romano-Germanic System.

The fundamental Law in Burundi is the Constitution (Loi no 1/610 du 18 Mars 2005 portant Promulgation de la Constitution de la République du Burundi).

All Laws of Burundi that were enacted before 2010 are contained in Codes et Lois du Burundi which is three (3) Volumes.

The legislative power in Burundi is vested in the National Assembly and the Senate.

The National Assembly and Senate members are elected to serve for 5 years terms. The President has as well legislative power to issue Decrees.

All Laws, Decrees, Ministerial Ordinances and any other legal decisions are published in the Burundi Official Gazette called the Bulletin Officiel du Burundi (BOB) which is published monthly. In this regard, it is to be noted that circulars are not published in the BOB.