Legal framework

Since the 04th June 2013, a new Law regulating the medias and the press in Burundi has been promulgated (Loi No.1/11 du 04 Juin 2013 portant modification de la Loi No.1/025 du 27 Novembre 2003 régissant la Presse au Burundi).

National Communication Council (CNC)

CNC is governed by Law No. 1/18 of 25 September 2007 establishing it as an independent administrative authority to ensure the freedom of the press and audiovisual communication in respect of the law, public order and morality. It has the following role:

  • Ensuring Independence, particularly in terms of information, public and private media;
  • Ensure free access to information sources;
  • Ensure fairly free access of political parties, unions, associations and citizens to both public and private means of information and communication;
  • Ensure the rational and equitable use of both public and private media by public institutions each according to its constitutional responsibilities;
  • Ensure proper functioning of the media and enforce the commitments contained in their specifications; and
  • Ensure the strict observance of the principle of equal treatment between operators, and conditions provided by law, the establishment and operation of facilities or television broadcasting, film exhibition, print media and written on both public and private Internet.

CNC as well has the following roles:

  • advises on the quality and content of television programs and press;
  • Promotes, through the media, national culture and the protection of fundamental societal values;
  • Training in the field of media and communication; and
  • deliberates on all matters pertaining to the press and communication and all projects or legislative proposals relating to the activities of the press are submitted for review and consideration.

The Council may also enter the prosecution for more serious cases in which penalties are not included in press offenses but could threaten the industry. In case of disputes relating to the exercise of freedom of the press between the responsible bodies and journalists and various media between them, the Council provides arbitration.