Mkono & Co. Burundi

Mkono & Co. Burundi believes that the information set out below demonstrates that Mkono & Co. Burundi. has the team, the experience and the resources to provide Mkono & Co. Burundi’s clients with the legal advice they require in Burundi. Mkono & Co. Burundi is even convinced that Mkono & Co. Burundi is the only law firm with a presence in Burundi able to assist its clients according to international standards.

Mkono & Co. team of lawyers in Burundi,

  • have significant experience in corporate, commercial and financial law;
  • have a thorough knowledge of the regulatory environment in Burundi; and

o includes senior Burundian qualified lawyers, admitted to the Bar of Bujumbura and with the relevant skills, as well as expatriate lawyers who are very familiar with the Burundian business and legal environment and can bring an experienced and regional perspective to all the aspects of their work for Mkono & Co. Burundi’s clients.

Mkono & Co. Burundi has been active in the region since several years. This activity first took place from Tanzania, where Mkono & Co. Burundi has an office with an outstanding reputation, and was afterwards shared out amongst Mkono & Co. Burundi’s office in Tanzania and the one established in Burundi.

Mkono & Co. Burundi was established early 2007 and is located, on the second floor of the Building Old East (Place de l’Indépendance) in the heart of Bujumbura’s city centre. The building further hosts reputed international organisations such as the Representation of the European Commission, Jica, the Dutch Embassy, Trade Mark East Africa and a liaison office of the British Embassy. All Mkono & Co. Burundi lawyers in Burundi fluently advise and assist Mkono & Co. Burundi’s clients in both French and English.

Mkono & Co. Burundi’s approach is founded on a balance between strong local capabilities and regional experience, on the one hand, and international expertise on the other. Mkono & Co. Burundi, staffed by lawyers and consultants trained to offer the highest standards of service, offer a powerful platform for potential investors to start up their investment projects.

In the countries where Mkono & Co. Burundi is active, Mkono & Co. Burundi is recognized as the best business law firm, especially as regards to corporate law, commercial law, social law and banking & finance.

Thanks to the unique mix of its Civil and Common Law practitioners, Mkono & Co. Burundi is the only firm in Burundi able to respond, both in French and in English, to the variety of legal concerns of international investors and international institutions and donors.

Introduction to Mkono & Co. Africa

Mkono and Co. Burundi is one of the two branches of Mkono & Co. Africa, a leading East-African law firm. The second branch, Mkono & Co. Advocates, based in Tanzania, was founded in 1977 by Honorable Nimrod E. Mkono. Mkono & Co. Advocates has gradually developed to become Tanzania’s leading law firm.

Mkono & Co. Burundi’s growth is reflected by the unique and dynamic team of lawyers coming from the US, Europe, India and from all over Africa. The firm has a unique mix of common law and civil law practitioners which is key to its move to the East African and Great Lakes Region.

Mkono & Co. is recognized by international professional directories and has received multiple awards for its legal leadership and quality of services. The firm has been ranked in Tier one for Tanzania by Chambers Global since 2000.

Mkono & Co. Burundi network

Mkono & Co. Burundi has, of course, a special relationship with Mkono & Co. Advocates in Tanzania. In addition, Mkono & Co. Burundi has an exclusive association in Rwanda and have formed a number of alliances with other firms practicing in other jurisdictions, such as Uganda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius and India. Finally, through Mkono & Co. Burundi privileged relationship with SNR Denton, Mkono & Co. Burundi is part of an expanding network of associated offices throughout Africa (including Zambia, Ghana, Botswana and Mauritius) and Mkono & Co. Burundi can draw upon an exclusive network of specialized international lawyers.

The firm is also a member of Terralex, a worldwide network of independent law firms.

Beyond convention

The expansion of the network platform and the internal growth of the firm have enhanced the firm’s capacity to deliver increasingly sophisticated legal services and to act for top corporate clients and governmental institutions.

The firm has built a reputation of understanding its clients’ sectors and work with them towards expanding their businesses and allowing them to exploit new opportunities.

Many of the firm’s lawyers benefit from additional experience acquired either as in-house counsel, at international law firms and institutions or at renowned universities, ensuring a broad perspective and understanding of the strategy and complex needs of the firm’s clients. The firm’s ambition is and has always been to set new standards for law practices in the region.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, Mkono & Co. Burundi thoroughly understands the key political, economic, regulatory and legal issues which surround doing business in the region. Mkono & Co. Burundi has an exclusive network of contacts with governments, banks, local companies and other consultants and Mkono & Co. Burundi is able to successfully steer investors through often unfamiliar business environments.

Quality of service and output is of paramount importance to us. Mkono & Co. Burundi aims at establishing the highest professional standards of competence within the relevant specialist area.

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