TELELAWS was launched in 2010 by Mohamed Hashish, Founding Partner at Soliman, Hashish & Partners, for the purpose of encouraging investors to start and/or expand business in the Egyptian telecom market by publishing an online guide to the Egyptian telecom law including, inter alia, investment incentives and guarantees, trade policy review, available approaches to start business in Egypt, licensing legal framework and historical background regarding the aforementioned telecoms market.

Since the launch of the first edition of TELELAWS in 2010, TELELAWS has been succeed in attracting a large number of investors to invest or expand the business thereof in Egypt. Furthermore, TELELAWS assisted and continues to assist a number of non-profit organizations in getting legal information, on a pro bono basis, such as the World Bank, IFC and Transparency International.


In 2013, following to the positive outcome of the first edition of TELELAWS, we published a second edition of TELELAWS to broaden the activities thereof and provide investors with a transparent brief summary of the Egyptian key legal issues associated with doing business in the Egyptian media and information technology sectors along with the telecom sector.


In 2014, we decided to expand the activities of TELELAWS to the non-Egyptian markets and make from TELELAWS a unique avenue to the leading top tier international law firms in order for such firms to have immediate access to each other for the purpose of providing clients with a high level of legal services taking into account the nature of the cross-border transactions.