Tunisia with a total area of 163,610 sq km is located in North Africa, between Algeria and Libya 459 and is divided into 24 administrative governorates.

Main Natural resources are petroleum, phosphates, iron, lead, zinc, salt.

The population is 11,276,158 with a Labor force of 3,503 million and is expected to grow at a steady pace of around 1%, on average, over the next ten years and its current young population will represent an attractive customer base in the future.

Growth rate of 0.989%, GDP per head in Tunisia was USD 5,820 in 2011. The sources for the GDP are :

  • 11% from agriculture
  • 24% from industry
  • 15% from manufacturing
  • 50% from services

On average, there were 4.5 persons per household, which implies that Tunisia had 2.2 million households in 2013. In terms of geographical distribution, 65% of the population lives in an urban area.